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The menu has been devised by dieticians, overseen by nutritionists and cooked by chefs. For this reason the meals will cause weight loss,give your body all the nutrients it needs andtaste gourmet delicious. A day of foodconsists of 4 meals and they are breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert or a snack. This will mean you eat regularly whichstops you feeling hungry.

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The menu has over 150 meals to choose from and you are given a choice if you want to pick and choose the meals that look most appertizing to you or go with a set menu. All will lose you weightevery dayif you stick to the plan no matter what meals you choose. A 4 day sample of their menu is below:

Day 1

  • Breakfast - French toast, turkey sausage and raspberry sauce
  • Lunch - Rosemary pork with brown rice
  • Dinner - Hoisin glazed chicken with cous cous and vegetables
  • Snack - Ghirardelli dark chocolate bar

Day 2

  • Breakfast - Yogurt parfait with cashews and raisins
  • Lunch - Blackened chicken with herb rice
  • Dinner - Lasagna with malibu blend vegetables
  • Snack - Cinnamon sugar butterfly cookies

Day 3

  • Breakfast - eDiets blueberry muffin
  • Lunch - Chicken flatbread pizza
  • Dinner - Lemon herb chicken with wild rice and broccoli
  • Snack - Nikki's raspberry ladybug

Day 4

  • Breakfast - Tomato basil omlete with sliced potatoes
  • Lunch - Roasted turkey breast with cranberry wild rice
  • Dinner - Seasoned & roasted cod with summer squash and Spanish rice
  • Snack - Terra chips

As you can see the eDiets chef has chosen well, there are some very appealing choices and if there's anything you're not keen on, you can either chooseto remove them from future deliveries or select not to receive them to begin with. With over 150 meals to choose from you're likely to find weeks and weeks of meals you enjoy. All this and you lose weight every day!

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