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About eDiets Fresh Prepared Meal Delivery

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eDiets have been offering weight loss solutions for over 13 years.They wereone of the first to offer a whole body weight losssolution by introducing fitness, nutrition, behavior modification and stress management as part ofthe weight loss program. This is a sensible approach as weight loss is permanent if food behavior and lifestyle are changed.

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Many people seem to agree with this approach which has led to eDiets having a membershipof over 2.5 million people. eDiets have grown so much they now have over 100 employees helping to encourage weight loss through tips and dieting information. eDiets offers over 20 different weight loss plans depending how you want to lose weight and the food you like, there are Atkins, the Mediterranean diet, glycemic impact and more.

With meal delivery now becoming a major force in weight loss with many companies entering the market and the nutrisystem infomercials promising weight loss, It was only naturalthe biggest online diet service would also enter the field of diet meal delivery. Hence eDiets started their first meal delivery service which eventually ledto the eDiets fresh prepared meal delivery plan.

eDiets meal

eDiets have had a few tries at meal delivery, they started with eDiets Express which was very costly for the end consumer but with the finest food weight loss meals. The price proved too much and it wasn't a commercial success. eDiets then rebranded the service and called it eDiets deliciously Yours. This has proved popular and eDiets fresh prepared meal delivery uses the base menu that was eDiets Deliciously Yours.

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